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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Which delivery method is right for my company's project?
A: We can help explain the various delivery methods such as design-build, construction management at risk, design-bid-build and help determine which can work for your company balancing issues such as internal capbilities, risk management, and time.

Q: Why choose TERRANOVA for my construction?
A: With 30 years of experience in construction, design, and real estate, we provide seamless coordination throughout the process.  Our experiences include design from the AE side, owner roles from the owner's side, brokerage from the real estate side, and construction from the contractor's side....lots of sides to help make your project run smoothly and have no surprises.  Our cost is as very competitive and reasonable and management expertise is personally focused on your project.


Q: Which professional disciplines are needed and when for my project?
A: With a review of the project's overall goals and a preliminary determination of project scope, schedule, and budget, we can help you understand the process options throughout the process.   The various approval stages require varying levels of detail for the professional design disciplines as well as testing and reporting requirements that can be efficiently navigated.


Q: How do I determine if it is better to lease or buy for my company's business?
A: There are various issues to consider that we can analyze and present to help you determine which is the preferred method for your situation.  Issues such as operational efficiencies, employee retention, present value pro forma cost analysis, customer base, and location are but some of the considerations.

Q: Can't I negotiate a lease myself?
A: Yes, but the risks are high and the reward is probably low.   We understand the market andthe incentives available so we can negoitate a lower lease rate and more favorable terms that can match your business goals.   While we aren't attorneys, we understand lease language and can help avoid personal and corporate lease language pitfalls.   Additionally, with TERRANOVA, we understand tenant improvement costs and schedules and can provide you with reduced occupancy costs short term and long term.

Q: Is it better to buy existing or build new?
A: Depending upon the site, cost, time, and other factors, we can help determine the costs and benefits of either method.  From due diligence necessary for existing land and building issues to zoning/planning issues with agencies, through the design and costing, and scheduling of the proposed options, we can provide the input you need for sound decision to fit your goals.

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