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Land Development Services
TERRANOVA has acted as the developer and contractor on a number of projects for multiple clients.  We are able to provide overall management services to assist owners for all due diligence and entitlement services for commercial, retail, and industrial development.  We develop a strong relationship with local and state governments.  We provide a comprehensive effort early on that will save time and money later on as the development project progresses.    

Financial Planning and Analysis
We will analyze and evaluate the financial feasibility of projects and to run "what-if" alternative scenarios for best/worst case planning alternatives.    These financial tools are useful for owners as well as bankers and financiers to evaluate financial risks and plan accordingly to manage the intial investment and recurring expenses to match revenue streams to meet exptected Returns on Investments.  Financial models are updated along with project cost estmates and designs and schedues and operations data through project completion.
Financial Pro Forma Summary Sheet

Civil / Structural Engineering
TERRANOVA can provide structural engineering for your project . The understanding of design and construction results in practical and feasible solutions in a timely manner meeting your schedule. .

  • Property Condition Assessment
  • Property Insurance Disputes
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Structural Engineering, Analysis, and Repairs
  • Structural Inspections
  • Structural Rehabilitation
  • Water, Wind, or Fire Damage Assessment
  • Exterior Envelope and Curtainwall Failure Assessment
  • Construction Warranty Analysis

Forensic Services
Structures undergo and aging process due to weather, overloading, accidents, construction defects, design defects, fires, and other causes.    Over time, defects can cause additional damages that result in higher remediation and repair costs and possibly impact facility operations.  When disputes arise, we can help resolve the dispute either by working as your expert on your behalf.   TERRANOVA can review the facility to understand the source of the potential problem and also provide the repairs and costs necessary to solve it properly.  From foundations to curtainwalls to roofing, we understand building structures.    By understanding issues related to design and structural details , construction techniques and installation, air and water infiltration issues, and freeze-thaw weather foundation effects, we can resolve proper performance for your facilities.

  • Facility Inspection
  • Damage Analysis
  • Construction Document Review
  • Historical Code Review
  • Remediation Report
  • Detailed Repair Estimates
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation Support
  • Expert Testimony
  • System Repair Design
  • Constuction Implementation Oversight
  • Documentation As Built Condition And Warranty

Construction Management
Construction management is the management of the bid and award, construction and close-out phases of a single project. For nearly 25 years, TERRANOVA has been developing and refining methods and procedures to efficiently control time, cost and quality of an owner's construction program through this important service. Construction management services may include 

  • Schedule control
  • Optimizing strategies for procurement and phasing construction marketing to bidders to ensure competitive prices
  • Cost control
  • Quality control
  • Closeout and document turnover
  • Transition to occupancy
  • Post-occupancy evaluation

Program Management
Program management encompasses all phases of construction from pre-planning, budgeting and scheduling, through design, bid and award, construction and move-in. As a pioneering developer of this service, and as a recognized leader in the industry, TERRANOVA has a number of innovations in program management, including procedures associated with cost estimating, constructability review, scheduling and claims analysis. We have managed millions in contracted work on projects in market segments. In our role as owner's advocate/manager, we bring invaluable hands-on experience to the task of completing projects in the most productive, cost-effcient manner possible. Program management services may include:

  • Condition assessments
  • Facilities master plan
  • Implementation plan
  • Master program schedule
  • Program budget & budget control system
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Project delivery systems
  • Management information system

Project Management
Project Management is the professional management of a single project from the planning/ design phase through closeout and occupancy. Project management services may include:

  • Project definition
  • Developing a realistic and complete budget
  • Schedule of planning and design phase management
  • Management information system
  • Schedule and quality control
  • Review of documents for coordination and constructability
  • Any of the items listed under construction management
  • Assist client (and contractor) in developing project schedule

Master Planning
The process of preparing a master plan is the first step in the implementation of any long-range building program. The master plan becomes the foundation for coordinating and managing design and construction activities in the program. The goals and objectives of the master planning process are to:

  • Provide an accurate assessment of all existing building structures, finishes, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as accessibility and ADA compliance issues
  • Define a realistically achievable work scope that is in line with the owners priorities
  • Develop a master program schedule that will indicate the sequence of work on a building-by-building basis. Issues such as construction logistics, transitional housing, and contracting strategies for each project will be addressed. A cash flow analysis will also be incorporated into the master program schedule to forecast timing and amount of bond issues to support the program
  • Provide program and project budgets which will include all construction costs as well as "soft" costs, such as design fees, staffing, permits contingencies and escalation for each project within the program
  • Develop a management plan outline which will provide the structure for the ongoing management structure and control of the project
    Provide recommendations on the assignment of responsibilities for temporary facilities, equipment, materials and service on the project

Condition Assessment
Compiling an accurate assessment of the condition of all existing buildings, including roofs, finishes, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems is an essential first step in developing a realistic master plan. Preparing this comprehensive site survey helps the client to define a realistically achievable work scope that is consistent with client and community priorities. The assessment, which includes cost analysis, prioritization of projects, and a required time frame for each project, is conducted in a three-step process.

  • Survey Preparation
    We use procedures for facility surveying. existing forms, checklists and inspection procedures can be adapted to accommodate the specific needs of the district. We send informational packages to appropriate staff members explaining the data gathering process and preparing them for the interviews. This package includes a schedule of events at each location and will identify survey team members that will be participating in the process.
    In preparing for the survey, TERRANOVA reviews existing data available from the county and handles the interviewing of maintenance and custodial staff. Also included in this step is the finalization of the inspection forms to be used in the survey.
  • Facility Survey
    In this step, TERRANOVA and the county will adopt a survey schedule and brief county's staff on the timelines for the surveys. Once the staff is apprised of the survey schedules, the onsite surveys are conducted and the information is entered into the computerized database and analyzed to prepare budget estimates and schedules
  • Prepare Report
    Once all the data is gathered, it can be summarized and compiled site by site or in many other ways. This allows TERRANOVA and the county to prioritize projects and prepare capital outlay schedules and cash flow projections. The report can then be finalized and the findings presented in a comprehensive document.

Cost Estimating
Staying within your budget is essential for the project to be successful. Our estimators know current industry costs and how to develop accurate estimates from the earliest conceptual estimates to detailed quantity-based construction estimates.

Our estimating services start from the earliest possible point in a project in order to maximize the value of every dollar spent. This is the basis for complete cost control of the project.Our vast experience tracking project costs provides us with highly reliable cost data and a thorough knowledge of local trade practices. Combing firm experience with the expertise of dedicated professional estimators provides you with the best cost control. .Our estimating will:

  • review project scope
  • create a definitive and realistic cost model
  • develop design phase estimates to help control scope "creep
  • consider life cycle costs
  • monitor construction phase costs.

Knowledgeable scheduling, from the initial planning stage through design, construction and move-in, will ensure success in the delivery of your project.

TERRANOVA schedule management involves a back-to-basics approach. Our schedules are aggressive but realistic. We apply our keys to success:

  • understanding the site and operational issues, construction time-windows, and environmental sensitivities.
  • developing sequencing strategies that will match priorities.
  • managing the design process, funding, and approvals effectively.
  • having constant, hands-on anticipation and mitigation of schedule impediments.

We will plan your work and work your plan; we use the process of scheduling to give us a virtual look at what it takes to build your project. From that point on, we will keep the time pressure on and use our knowledge to help the design and construction teams do what they need to do to stay on track.

We bring a collaborative approach to managing the schedule that is consistent with your goals. We will anticipate challenges, bring solutions, and work with you to deliver the highest quality project.

Constructability Review
TERRANOVA has 30 years experience in reviewing construction documents; we know that lack of coordination and clarity causes less competitive bidding, and unnecessarily expensive change orders. Good clean documents will avoid these problems and a detailed plan review is the essential step toward good documents.

Our constructability review process will save you construction dollars. Unfortunately, the comments are not always reflected in the final documents, and when the change orders occur, they can be traced back to the review comments that were not implemented. The money that could have been saved is always more than the money spent to review the documents.

In addition, our constructability program provides communication, providing a collaborative tool that enables architects to quickly respond to any necessary changes. This in turn saves time and money in the design phase.

Value Engineering
Significant cost savings, along with an increased level of quality, can be accomplished on most projects through properly conducted value engineering reviews. Our approach utilizes our technical expertise in architectural and engineering disciplines, combined with hands-on, practical experience to make sure that value is truly added to your project.

Our Value Engineering (VE) analysis will focus on meeting the functional requirements of your project at the minimum cost and highest quality. Each building system and its components will be analyzed for adequacy, efficiency, length of life, and cost. Life cycle costs will be established for alternative systems and components. A typical value engineering session includes:

  • Identification of needs and definition of function
    Creative solutions to meeting the basic needs or function
  • Developing comparative costs for the various alternative solutions
  • Evaluation and ranking of the various solutions based on project criteria, feasibility of implementation, and cost
  • Selection of the optimum solution and recommendation for implementation
  • TERRANOVA's experience in, and approach to, value engineering will ensure that your project is fully reviewed to assure the most cost-effective design and successful project

Building Information Modeling
Our focus is to maximize the benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for our clients. BIM is paradigm shift in how projects are designed, constructed and operated.

Our team provides integrated, technical support in all of our services. We function as the core competency of this technology, and provide a wide range of services as the basis for programming, planning, design, bridging documents, estimating, scheduling and constructability reviews.

BIM is better. It will improve the quality of design and construction, reduce surprises, minimize change orders, and ensure fully collaborative integrated project teams.

Ask us also to show you how we can digitize your existing interior or exterior space to create a digital and visual model to both establish existing conditions and design proposed projects.    Full 3D digitized surveying from mechanical rooms to streetscapes offer unparalleled accuracy and modeling opportunities.

Inspection Services
TERRANOVA will inspect the structural quality and general safety of buildings.   The following general duties are common to most specialty fields:

  • Inspect structures for compliance with plans and specifications, periodic progress payment verifications, building codes and ordinances, structural quality, and zoning regulations
  • Review contract specifications for the safety and utility of structures
  • Monitor inspection activities through the use of computers and specialized software
  • Maintain a work log, take photographs, file reports, and act on inspection findings
  • Use survey instruments, metering devices, tape measures, and test equipment, in carrying out inspections.

Construction Services
Our construction process is tailered to suit the Owner's preference for risk and cost management and will design the delivery system to accomodate this and provide the highest value to the Owner. Services include

  • Provide and coordinate scheduled activities and responsibilities of all parties to the project
  • Contract for all trade scope
  • Conduct progress meetings
  • Design and monitor safety programs
  • Obtain satisfactory performance from each of the subcontractors
  • Prepare project application for payment
  • Receive certificates of insurance for contractors and subcontractors
  • Record progress of the project; submit written progress reports; keep a daily project log
  • Report status to client
  • Coordinate quality assurance and quality control programs
  • Monitor and update project budget
  • Arrange for delivery, storage and security of project materials
  • Coordinate the completion and correction of the work
  • Make recommendation when the work is ready for final inspection
  • Prepare a final application for payment and project closeout
  • Complete a final/warranty walkthrough.

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